Bruno Bougard

Bruno BougardR&D Director at Septentrio

GNSS technologies reach deep into nearly every aspect of our lives, from consumer to commercial to scientific—and no segments of GNSS markets are more technically demanding than high-precision OEM customers and scientific communities. Bruno Bougard is a very capable young fellow who, along with his amazing team at Septentrio (one of the leading producers of high-precision and scientific GNSS components and complete products), has shown he can please such demanding customers.

Bruno received his MS in electrical engineering from the University of Mons, Belgium in 2000 and his PhD from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium in 2006. He used to be a staff researcher in the wireless system group of IMEC, Belgium before joining Septentrio in 2008, and he’s now responsible for the development of new OEM and scientific products. Since 2014, Bruno is Septentrio’s R&D Director, in charge of research, development, and engineering operations.



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