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You Do What?

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Outlook 2018 Editorial When you tell non-geo people what you do for a living, many of them probably respond with, “You do what?” It’s not an affront, and it’s perfectly understandable. Our geospatial work is often perceived as obscure and esoteric. Let’s face it: the geospatial world has evolved rapidly in the past century, even […]

xyHt Magazine Outlook 2018 Supplement

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Click on the cover below to view the PDF version of Outlook 2018 supplement to xyHt Magazine. Articles in this issue include (links will go live throughout January): HxIP: How a prominent manufacturer of mapping airborne sensors and solutions has partnered with customers to expand its global online content service. “No Job Is Too Big […]

No Job Is Too Big or Too Small

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Alexandra Grounds, Founder & Director, Grounds Associates, Ltd. Editor’s note: In this year’s Outlook issue, we present trends in geospatial technologies and vision statements from key geospatial industry firms, but we also highlight smaller operations: the agile, tech-savvy, and talented practitioners and their teams. As the need for geospatial data and expertise grows, career paths […]