Looking Forward: AI and Construction 

Here’s a news flash: Artificial intelligence is a thing. It’s creeped into many facets of our lives and businesses, and this month in our annual issue focusing on construction, we look at how it is changing that industry.  

Nathan Patton, one of xyHt’s 22 Young Geospatial Professionals to Watch in 2022, writes a particularly insightful piece for us this month, exploring AI’s impact on the industry so far and its workforce.  

Contributor Jonathan Barnes has an in-depth question and answer session with the developer of a construction project management software platform who takes a deep dive into AI, construction, and profits. Then we have an interesting story about an urban development construction project in Vienna that is paving the way for futuristic cities around the world. 

AI is and will continue to mean smarter equipment, better project management, enhanced safety, improved communication and quality control, and optimized design. But there are many challenges ahead with AI in construction, and let’s not race blindly into this new frontier.  

Like all new technologies, caution and patience are important virtues on the way to full implementation. Maybe you’re old enough to remember the first cell phones. It seems like we all rushed out to get one only to find out that the networks weren’t fully developed calls were dropped, or never completed, routinely. 

There are similar challenges with AI. But it will evolve and change the construction industry—and ever geospatial industry. 

Enjoy the issue. 

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