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Ben Flanagan

Interview with Esri’s Ben Flanagan

Ever wonder who makes those maps you see in the newspaper? Ben has made maps for the Telegraph, the Guardian, and BBC News, and best of all (to me) he’s from the UK! Ben is like a ninja—not many people know about him but those that do are avid fans of his work. It was...

Charles Kennelly

An Interview with Charles Kennelly – CTO Esri UK

Charles Kennelly became CTO of Esri UK in 2008, and, unlike many people in similar positions, he takes time to listen to “the little man.” I fondly remember giving a talk at FOSS4G UK a few years back and seeing Charles there front and center in the audience. After I finished he immediately told me...

Esri UK Marauder's Map

Esri UK User Conference

May 22, QEII Building, London UK With a venue overlooking Westminster Cathedral and a stone’s throw from the Houses of Parliament, Esri couldn’t have picked a more British location for the UK annual conference. Last year (2014), there were a little more than 1,000 delegates; this year Esri UK played host to over 2,000, and...