Antonio Abellan

Antonio AbellanAssociate Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Risk Analysis Group, Faculty of Geosciences and Environmenta at the University of Lausanne

Switzerland is home to several of the world’s premier geospatial research and development institutions; some call it the Silicon Valley of the geospatial world. Many of the top minds in the related disciplines have been attracted to such an environment, like Antonio Abellan.

Antonio is an academic researcher and engineering geologist interested in applying 3D remote sensing techniques like lidar, close-range terrestrial photogrammetry, UAS, and other advanced sensor systems to improve the surveying, modeling, and prediction of hazardous rock and ice slope failures.

After having obtained his PhD at the University of Barcelona in Spain, for five years he’s done post-doctoral research in Switzerland. He has served on several scientific committees at national and international conferences and has lectured around the globe and contributed to more than 50 publications. His extended professional network includes collaborations with top-notch researchers in Switzerland, Spain, Germany, UK, Norway, the U.S., and Canada.

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