Frank Romo

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24 Young Geospatial Professionals to Watch in 2024

Company: RomoGIS Enterprises
Current position: CEO
Age: 33
Education: MS urban and regional planning; graduate certificate in real estate development from the University of Michigan. Columbia University New York/Paris Urban Design and Architecture Program participant. BS in urban studies, Loyola Marymount University.

Frank Romo is a social-good focused creator, entrepreneur, community organizer, and mentor. He is a social justice geographer trained in urban planning, specialized in geospatial technologies, and is the founder of RomoGIS. RomoGIS Enterprises is a data, design and research collaborative aimed at promoting the public good through innovative technical solutions.

The vision of RomoGIS is to see community members empowered with the tools, opportunities, and confidence to harness the transformative power of maps, data, and technology for social good. As a minority entrepreneur, he helps train the next generation of leaders by providing them with the confidence, strategic tools, and skills necessary to create more change in their communities.

In order to create opportunities for more people to get involved in their community, RomoGIS provides internships, workshops, and mentorship to underrepresented groups in the tech industry and trains people how to harness data, maps, and technology to tell their stories, advocate for justice, influence change, and make a sustainable impact in their communities.

Romo’s background as an urban planner, community organizer, and educator has allowed him to develop culturally competent curriculum and products specifically tailored toward community empowerment and social justice. In his work with the University of Michigan, Romo engages in community-based research and develops geospatial applications that advance equity and greater vitality in cities.

He served on the URISA Vanguard Cabinet where he co-founded the Mentoring Network for GIS professionals worldwide and facilitated professional development and mentorship opportunities for members.

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