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Software Review: Traverse PC

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I have been using Traverse PC (TPC) since its inception in 1987. I’ve used it in my work as both a private surveyor and as a county surveyor in Idaho. I stopped using other programs for the same reasons so many other surveyors have.  I rely entirely upon TPC to do my survey work and […]

GNSS Next: A Control Center for Real-time GNSS Data

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Editor’s Note: GNSS is a global amenity that all segments of society now rely on. While low-precision uses of GNSS can work with the default broadcast products alone, directly from the satellites, all high-precision GNSS uses rely to varying degrees on external “value added” data products. These products, such as enhanced clock and orbit data, are […]

Business Angle: Staying Current with Marketing

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This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series February 2014

For small- and medium-sized businesses, marketing tasks can be difficult to establish and keep current. Many times, simply determining what the marketing tasks should be for your firm can be challenging, especially if there isn’t an employee assigned to manage them full time. This can result in problems like an archaic corporate website, existing clients […]