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Political Surveyor: Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act for North Carolina

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Tragedies often have unintended consequences. Case in point: many of us have taken off our shoes in an airport because of one man who decided to pack his footwear with explosives.  Similarly, due to accidents that occurred in surrounding states causing injury and death, North Carolina’s General Assembly is in the process of rewriting the […]

Dual Frequency: NSPS Awards $22.5k in Scholarships

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The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) has awarded $22,500 in scholarships to 14 college students studying the surveying profession with intention of joining the profession when they graduate. “Selecting this year’s recipients was very challenging because of the number of excellent and qualified students who applied and demonstrated real financial need,” said NSPS executive director […]

20,000 Chains Under the Sea

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This look at an international company that provides hydrographic surveying supplies and solutions reveals how surveyors can also ride the maritime boom.This particular day in the field has been hard. Precise levels are always a challenge to run, and the surveyor is weighing his options. First, he sets his level down at the first point […]

A Rendezvous with Mason and Dixon

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An annual gathering of surveyors took on special significance in Philadelphia this year as attendees retraced the Mason-Dixon Line and learned about the astounding men who established it.In November of 1763, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon arrived on the shores of Philadelphia with an epic task: once and for all settling a heated boundary dispute […]

Australian Aerial Innovation

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Airborne Research Australia brings unique capabilities—including powered gliders reported to be more economical than UAVs—to a wide range of research projects. Airborne Research Australia (ARA) is Australia’s National Research Aircraft Facility and is hosted within the School of the Environment at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. ARA’s capabilities are unique in terms of their […]

Fraud in Surveying

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Editor’s Note: If you think that today’s surveying and geomatics schools are simply cranking out technology-fueled “button pushers,” think again. In her senior paper, Claudia Barrueta, recent graduate of Fresno State’s Geomatics Engineering Program, offers a thought-provoking case study of a surveyor who recognized a fraudulent situation and chose to do the right thing (here a […]