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Saving unnecessary travel time between the office and field by working smarter is something we can all aspire to, especially in today’s challenging environment. A recent construction industry study cited that 48% of all rework in the U.S. is caused by poor data and miscommunication. What can help alleviate this problem for our profession?

At Topcon, we are providing a next generation of products to make you more productive and fill the need of a more connected approach to projects. The products are designed to work better together for improved performance, better data handling and with built-in field-office connectivity. As part of the system, we have new GT Series robotic total stations, the FC-6000 field computer, and a full-version update to our field and office software. All are designed to work together to make sure that you have a solution that can help you be more productive.

What does it mean to you?
With the GT-1200 robotic total stations, we’ve added a few things to note, the first is it is 30% lighter than previous series of total stations providing easy portability. We have improved technology for prism tracking, and we have 10 Hz update rates. So, what does that mean to you? When you’re on a job site, you want to make sure that you’re laying out points as quickly as possible. With the quick update rate, it gives you that ability. Now you can send data back and forth more efficiently to the field computer and into your software. UltraTrac technology will keep you locked on the prism and if something comes in between the total station and prism, the reacquisition time is much quicker.

When you pair those benefits with the field computer, you now have even more functionality, with improved graphics and memory. Again, what does that mean to you?

We know that the job sites today are getting more challenging with bigger job and data files. You can now handle all of these projects inside of the FC-6000, and with better 3D visualization through the new version of MAGNET Field software. You can even create points while you’re on the job instead of having to go back to the office to get new points or having them sent back to the field. You can do all of that directly in the display.

MAGNET Field connects to our cloud solution MAGNET Enterprise, allowing you to send that data from the field to the office, or vice versa. If you’re collecting points out in the field, you can send that back to the office so you can update any kind of plans or designs there, or if there are design changes in the office, you can send them back to the field. The paired technology of MAGNET Field, FC-6000 and the GT-1200 total stations is now the first set of workflow solutions making you more productive.

Best of both worlds
To expand on accelerating productivity a bit more, Topcon has an optional Hybrid Positioning solution upgrade. If you add a Topcon GNSS receiver to the system and say you’re on the other end of a building and you lose your line of sight, you can still collect points in real time. Then, when you are back on the other side, you can resume tracking with the total station in seconds using the RC-5A remote and our UltraTrac technology.

Hearing from you
Garrett Spease, land surveyor with Affinis Corp Civil Engineering, recently used the system and gave us feedback we are happy to share. He said, “We experienced noticeably more proficient tracking through brushy wilderness, stop signs, and trees with side by side testing. Even close up tracking within 20 feet was noticeably better between the multiple total stations that we had running.”

Learn More
Learn more by going to topconpositioning.com/GT-series or you can download our myTopcon NOW! mobile application, which provides access to a variety of Topcon user manuals, firmware and software updates, video tutorials as well as eLearning materials.

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