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xyHt Weekly News Recap: 04/02/2021

To Russia, and Back NV5 Acquires Geodynamics; Expands Deep-Water Capabilities CHC Navigation Introduces AlphaAir Lidar System Drone Company AgEagle had Record Year in 2020 SAM Acquires R&S Digital Services Bad Elf, Point One Provide Polaris GNSS Corrections for Bad Elf Flex  

xyHt Weekly News Links 7/17/2020

*Click here to visit xyHt’s Virtual Trade Show* Congress Moves Against FCC’s Ligado Decision Bad Elf Flex™ Adopts the Hemisphere Phantom™ Module Honeywell Refines Navigation Revealing the World from Satellites Common Ground Alliance Launches New Expo    

Flex! Bad Elf and Higher Precision

I took a new GPS mapping receiver out to the field for a test drive and found out that it is also a full GNSS survey rover. GNSS mapping peripheral-maker Bad Elf recently introduced a full survey-grade rover—and a unique pricing model. Surveyors might not be familiar with the name Bad Elf, but in the...

Bad Elf

A Good Day with a Bad Elf

It was a beautiful early summer day, ideal weather to take a road trip to the Pike National Forest about an hour from my Eastern Colorado home. Pike National Forest comprises 1,106,604 acres southwest of Denver and is a frequent haunt of mine for camping, off-roading, and in past years dirt biking and ATV-ing. This...

Wandering Elf report at xyht by gavin schrock

First Stop for Wandering Elf STEM Education

Franklin Community High School, Indiana First Stop: Franklin Community High School, Indiana xyHt, in conjunction with GNSS solutions provider Bad Elf, has kicked off an interesting STEM project that seeks to promote the physics and geodetic science behind GNSS. A Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor (a Bluetooth peripheral receiver for smartphones and tablets) has begun its...

Bad Elf VP Larry Fox with the GNSS peripheral "pack" paired via Bluetooth to his smart phone. Background: Bad Elf app screens

Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bad Elf

Bad Elf: delivering (very) affordable accuracy—simply—for mapping and asset management users. The device is a Bluetooth peripheral GNSS receiver that can feed more-reliable and precise positions to any location-based app on your smartphone or tablet. Having just returned from a visit to Bad Elf’s offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, I was itching to put this little...