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Exodus Trail

Mapping the 1874 Yavapai-Apache Exodus Trail

Modern hikers map the Exodus Trail of the Yavapai-Apache Nation with GPS. By Everett Phillips, Philipp Hummel, PLS, and Bryan Frazier; introduction by Judie Piner In 1875, both the Yavapai and the Apache people were removed from their Rio Verde reservation in Arizona and force-marched by U.S. soldiers in terrible conditions, nearly 200 miles, to...

Should we settle on the Moon before Mars?

Back to the Moon? Or—Straight on to Mars?

Editor’s note: at xyHt and Pangaea we’ve been adding “geo-space-al” content into our geospatial mix, and readers have been responding positively. Surveying on Mars is a great example. When you think about it, geospatial technology and space are inextricably intertwined; from GNSS to satellite-based remote sensing, we rely on space-based technology to tackle almost every...