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Members of the Geodetic Engineering Department.

Teaching Roots and Research at the University of the Philippines

One of Southeast Asia’s oldest surveying schools is promoting the use of geospatial technologies and thriving in the digital age. When Louie Balicanta walks inside the high-ceilinged corridors of Malcolm Hall on his way to teach land surveying, he knows how much responsibility rests on his shoulders. Not only is he an assistant professor at...

Dunwoody College of Technology Principle instructor Kelly Ness assists students Wyatt Spence and BJ Klenke

Dunwoody College of Technology

Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology Located on the edge of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dunwoody College of Technology’s surveying and civil engineering technology program offers a two-year Associate of Applied Science, which provides students a comprehensive, hands-on education that prepares them for successful surveying or civil engineering technician careers. The program has a dual focus on...