Welcome to xyHt’s RESUME SPOTLIGHT Service!

If you’re looking for a new opportunity within the geospatial profession, we have an idea for you.

For just $25, why not let us introduce some of the top companies in the world to you?  Rather than sending in blind resumes applying for job after job, wondering if your resume is ever being seen, allow us to make an individual introduction to a top talent manager at all the participating companies you want!  Responses are guaranteed.*

How does it work?

  1. Fill out the form below and sign up for our Resume Spotlight Service ($25)
  2. If you wish, you may select an optional resume reformatting ($99) or resume building service ($149-$329).
  3. Select the companies you’d like an introduction to from our checklist.
  4. Complete the payment process…it’s that simple.

When you allow xyHt to submit your current, reformatted or improved resume to one of our partners, you WILL get personal attention and you WILL get a response from these companies.  No more wondering if your resume was ever received.

Upon receipt of your order, we will confirm your intention and identity prior to sending any resume to our partners.  Bogus or fraudulent resumes submitted on behalf of other candidates will be subject to an additional $500 charge.  We want to help sincere individuals by providing a competitive service over and above what you can do for yourself.  Your usage of this service indicates understanding and compliance with this concept.

*While we guarantee that our participating partners will review and respond, xyHt cannot guarantee you a new job.  xyHt is not a recruitment service, nor job search service.  Our goal is to give you a “foot in the door” and make sure we’re spotlighting you (and your experience) above all others!

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Note: You will be 100% satisfied with the resume writing and cover letter package you receive. If not, our partners will rewrite it as many times as necessary to assure your satisfaction with the content you receive!

Questions? Send an email to spotlightme@xyht.com for quickest response.