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Creative Uses of 3D Modeling

The 3D data collected with laser scanners and digital cameras can be used to create digital and physical 3D models that have myriad applications—from marketing a new building to routing first responders in an emergency.

Remote Monitoring

Keeping tabs on assets with wireless monitors is not just for those dirty, dangerous or distant jobs

Drones in Confinement

From warehouses to underground facilities, demand for drone inspections in GPS-denied places is rising. The new flying destination for UAVs is the great indoors.

Innovations in AEC

I’m sure it feels the same in every industry – sometimes there are just too many acronyms to keep track of: AEC, LiDAR, VR, BIM, 3D, 4D, 7D – the list goes on and on for AEC professionals.

Surveying: The bellwether for a new era of infrastructure

Trimble recently launched the Trimble Dimensions Spotlight Series, taking a look at the topic of Reviving the U.S. Infrastructure. The on-demand episode will feature industry experts on the role of advanced technology; processes supporting informed, data-driven decisions; and why smart technology is vital to revive our nation’s infrastructure and stimulate our economy. Available throughout 2021,...