Angélica Ortiz Arteaga

BIM Director, IUYET Consortium Mexico

A particularly impressive presentation at HxGN 2017 was by the IUYET Consortium about their work on the new airport rail project in Mexico City. The contributions of IUYET in the use of advanced surveying, scanning, mobile mapping, UAS, GNSS, and construction monitoring are splendid examples of the 21st century digital construction site—and BIM.

Angelica Ortiz

IUYET’s BIM director Angélica Ortiz garnered multiple nominations; she is praised for her technical knowledge but also for mastering the increasingly important art of communicating these advanced concepts and workflow enhancements to project teams and stakeholders.

Angélica, who earned her bachelor’s in architecture from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and a diploma in interior space design from Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City, has also studied in the UK. Angélica worked as an architect before joining the IUYET team in 2015.

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