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Ron Bisio and Gavin Schrock catch up at Intergeo 2017.

Q&A with Trimble’s Ron Bisio

Bisio breaks down the as-a-service model, the rollout of the SX10, and smart infrastructure. We look for unfiltered insights from key folks in the geospatial industry, and the most recent INTERGEO exhibition and conference in Berlin was a prime opportunity to corner some of these folks for quick Q&As. One target was Ron Bisio, VP...

trimble app and bad elf GPS booster on iPhone screen with coffee on wooden table

Trimble Catalyst — No Receiver Required*

*A groundbreaking new service turns your smartphone into a high-precision, software-defined GNSS receiver. The new Trimble Catalyst is a little hard to describe in terms we’re used to regarding high-precision GNSS. Is it a receiver? Is it a service? Do we really need only an external antenna, a subscription, and a smartphone?  The answer is...