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Foundations for Computing Error Ellipses, figure 2

Part 1: Foundations for Computing Error Ellipses

Standard Error Rectangle and Error Ellipse What is an error ellipse? One of the advantages of a least-squares adjustment over other methods is that a byproduct of the adjustment is not only the most probable values for the unknown coordinates but also standard deviations on these values Suppose for a moment that we are computing...

Equations 1, 2, 3 & 4: combined factor grid distance, elevation factor

GNSS & Educational Equations: A Grid-to-Ground Project

When planning GNSS control surveys on highway projects, it is important to understand the limitations of GNSS. Most highway projects are long, and linear distances that are wide open horizontally and vertically and are ideal for GNSS surveying. However, in rural and city areas, tree canopies and high-rise buildings will obstruct the GNSS signals, so...

From NOAA Historic Coast & Geodetic Survey (C&GS) Collection, C&GS Season's Report 1914, Seran.

Geodesy around the Campfire

Although I thoroughly enjoy what I do for a living as a land surveyor specializing in geodetic control work, I often tell people it makes for really lousy dinner conversation. Rarely does it take more than a sentence or two to generate blank stares, gestures of confusion, and drastic attempts to change the subject. The...