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Col. Stephen P. Whitney, of the GPS Directorate

The Green Monsters of GPavin

An interview with the director of the GPS Directorate Col. Steven P. Whitney recently answered questions about the mission of the directorate, and he debunked a popular myth about the GPS constellation. Colonel Steven Whitney is the director of the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Directorate at the Space and Missile Systems Center, Air Force Space...

In the atomic clock laboratory with Dr. Villahermosa (left), the author (center), and Dr. James Camparo, Aerospace Fellow, Electronics and Photonics Laboratory (right)

Project Sextant

A unique research study from pioneers in the development of the GPS system yields a plan for a look into the future of PNT—improving resilience, options, flexibility, and availability. When something like GPS puts positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) in the hands (and pockets) of millions, maybe even billions, of people across the world, experts...