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Geoff Jacobs tries out DAT/EM's VR tool at SPAR 2017

Three Trends at SPAR International 2017

 I’ve attended SPAR every year since its inception in 2004, always while working for a vendor for 3D laser scanning products. This year, sporting my new xyHt shirt, I viewed the event from a different perspective. Let me preface this “review” by noting that I did not do a complete walk-around of each vendor’s booth;...

HoloLens users are able to see both the real world around them and virtual-reality objects, such as design features that have not yet been built.

Blending Realities

A 3D design and visualization tool with phenomenal potential in the AEC world is coming from a collaboration between Microsoft and Trimble. Imagine designing an object, in 3D and color, using only gaze, gestures, and voice (GGV) commands. Imagine designing an entire building the same way—or modifying an existing one. Imagine moving in a physical...