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Careful Where You Step

Any surveyor who has spent more than a few days in the field knows insects, reptiles, and other critters that exist in the wild can ruin your day. Yellowjackets and other stinging bees are some of the more common causes of pain for surveyors in the eastern United States, but venomous snakes are the critters we worry most about encountering.  I think...

Sometimes It’s Just Best to Walk Away

Surveyors are usually a tough bunch and don’t normally retreat from difficulties. When there are thorns, thistles, and briars on line, they usually reach for the machete and carve a path through.

Yost: The Host with the Most

When I was a young party chief with a firm in Hagerstown, Maryland, in 1982, we were contracted to survey a tract of mountain land for a man named Yost. He was convinced that he owned much more land than his deed specified. When my co-worker and I visited the site and met with the...