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Feature: Delivering Intelligence, Not Data

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Technology is making geospatial information real-time and relevant. As powerful, easy-to-use applications and up-to-date location data become available, businesses and consumers are significantly increasing their use of geospatial information. Today’s smartphones and mobile tablets easily access online maps, obtain directions to specific addresses, assess traffic patterns en route, and allow users to plan for the […]

Aerial Perspective: Innovate Solutions

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I have been associated with aerial imaging for quite a few years.  Strangely, my career in this field began with digital national resource imagery, moved to analog systems, and moved back to digital with the advent of the Z/I Imaging DMC aerial camera system.  Each year I find myself saying, “There has never been a […]

Feature: The Promise of UAS in the United States

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Early adopters partner to prepare for a revolution in domestic surveying. The Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) industry in the United States is still very much in its infancy, but its potential impacts on the geospatial mapping and surveying professions are indisputable. Currently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows UAS flights for public and federal purposes, […]

Feature: Lamp & Lidar

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A 77-year-old aerial mapping firm successfully employs new technologies on major infrastructure improvement projects.Aerial surveying and mapping professionals offer a wide range of technologies that provide public agencies with new ways to expedite the renovation and construction of infrastructure projects. One important reason for employing these advanced technologies is their ability to develop accurate, three-dimensional […]

Feature: Hungarian Hive Stones

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An innovative mapping company uses multispectral aerial surveys and 3D imaging to create maps of inaccessible rock formations in Szomolya, Hungary. The hive stones are cone-shaped rock formations with ancient carvings on their sides. Located in a nature conservation area in the western part of the Szomolya municipality of Northeast Hungary, the hive stone group […]

Feature: Syntopic Exposure

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UltraCam offers a unique approach to achieving high image dynamics. To name a product line “ultra” might seem pretentious, but in the case of Microsoft UltraCam, the moniker may be justified. During a recent visit to UltraCam in Graz Austria, I asked Alexander Wiechert, general manager of Microsoft’s UltraCam business unit, to explain the advantages […]