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Creating a Web Map Using Leaflet

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In this series I’m describing a few of the different systems that mapping people use to share their web maps. Unlike many of the walkthroughs and tutorials out there, I’m including templates so you can fill in the blanks and learn how to put it on your webhost. First in this series is Leaflet, a […]

Creating a Web Map Using QGIS2Web

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This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Web Mapping

Almost two years ago to the day I wrote Webmapping 3.5 in which I did a walkthrough of QGIS2Web. Since then, QGIS has grown up, and so has QGIS2Web. In the original blog, I discussed how you could use OpenLayers and Leaflet as basemaps. Now you can use Mapbox, too. The layout is improved and […]