Sid Pandey

Siddharth Pandey

Sid PandeyAssistant Production Manager and Senior Geospatial Analyst, Dewberry, Virginia, USA

A mentor, a master’s student in GIS, a geospatial practitioner, a leader in professional associations, and an advocate of the geospatial industry, Siddharth “Sid” Pandey works hard, promotes the geospatial industry and its capabilities, and is a vital team player, lifting others up and always offering support.

In the two years he’s been with Dewberry, he’s received two promotions and many awards, notably for his commitment and dedication to the emergency response efforts in Louisiana after Hurricane Harvey, where he worked tirelessly day and night to analyze flood depths and impacted structures so that FEMA could help affected residents.

Sid was selected to serve as a leader of Dewberry’s Fairfax office’s Emerging Professionals group, helping organize networking and professional development events. He is also on the executive committee of the Maryland State Geographic Information Committee, and he’s a member of the Esri Mid-Atlantic User Group.

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Siddharth Pandey” Comments

  1. Congratulations! Truly inspired!

  2. So happy to see Sid get recognized for his leadership qualities, sincerity and devotion to his work, and his great work ethic and drive to succeed in the GIS world. Congratulations to Siddharth and Dewberry!

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