Carline Amsing

Trainee, IT Policy Advisor, National Entrepreneurial Netherlands, Netherlands

The work of geospatial professionals pervades all aspects of policy and industry. Successful implementations of geographic systems, like those for land tenure, are exported to developing and developed countries worldwide—including Kadaster in the Netherlands, the national cadaster and land management entity.

Carline Amsing earned praise during her two internships at Kadaster, in both the domestic and international groups. In her master’s thesis, Carline studied how technological tools, like smart sketch maps, can satisfy societal demands for land tenure security and fit-for-purpose land administration. Carline earned her bachelor’s in human geography and planning from the University of Utrecht and her master’s in a joint program of four leading research institutes: University of Twente, Delft University of Technology, Utrecht University, and Wageningen University. Carline has helped organize numerous geospatial meetings such as the FIG Young Surveyors and is working for a national agency promoting and supporting entrepreneurship and innovation.

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