Stephen Chibueze Ndukwe

Stepheb Chibueze NdukweSenior Surveyor at the office of the Surveyor General of the Federation (National Mapping Agency of Nigeria)

Nigeria’s Office of the Surveyor General carries great responsibilities in providing essential elements of geodetic reference and cadastral frameworks to support one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world. We received nominations for many of the exemplary staff in this office. Stephen Chibueze Ndukwe graduated from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture with a BS in mathematics. After the mandatory one-year in the National Youth Service Corps, he joined the Office of the Surveyor General, later completing his post-graduate professional diploma in surveying and geoinformatics. Presently, Stephen is concluding post-graduate studies in information communications technology and intends to pursue an MS in hydrographic surveying or geomatics in Germany.

Stephen’s duties include conventional survey, GNSS, GIS analysis, utilization of satellite and remote sensing data, establishing survey control, and training. It is also a responsibility of surveyors in such a prominent public office to lead through exemplary service, and Stephen provides an example in his pursuit of further studies: skills that will benefit not only his career, but also the broader geomatics community he loves and serves. Stephen enjoys good music, movies, soccer, and basketball and is a tennis enthusiast.

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