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Early 3D Scanning Competition: 1998 – 2000, Part 13

When you join a start-up, as I did in 1998 with 3D laser scanning pioneer Cyra Technologies, you worry about two things. One is if your start-up’s “new thing” will catch on in the market and your company will survive. The second is if a competitor will “out-invent” you with something better (and your company...

The Early Days of 3D Scanning: Part 12

In this article, I’ll describe the early user community as Leica was in the process of entering the 3D scanning products business. Although most users at the time were struggling, there were some well-publicized breakthrough user successes that reinforced their belief in the technology’s upside.

The Early Days of 3D Scanning: Part 10

In my previous article (March 2021) within my series on the Early Days of 3D Scanning, I described start-up Cyra Technologies’ significant preparations to try to secure a major, strategic vendor partner in order to take the ­company’s pioneering 3D scanning technology to the next big step of global commercialization.

The Early Days of 3D Laser Scanning: Part 9

This series of articles (monthly, starting with the June 2020 issue) gives readers behind-the-scenes insights into a small but ambitious start-up, Cyra Technologies, that was an early pioneer of 3D laser scanning technology.