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The Early Days of 3D Scanning: Part 10

In my previous article (March 2021) within my series on the Early Days of 3D Scanning, I described start-up Cyra Technologies’ significant preparations to try to secure a major, strategic vendor partner in order to take the ­company’s pioneering 3D scanning technology to the next big step of global commercialization.

The Early Days of 3D Laser Scanning: Part 9

This series of articles (monthly, starting with the June 2020 issue) gives readers behind-the-scenes insights into a small but ambitious start-up, Cyra Technologies, that was an early pioneer of 3D laser scanning technology.

The Early Days of 3D Scanning: Part 7

1998: The Public Unveiling of 3D Scanning  In my prior “insider” articles for this series (monthly, starting with the June 2020 issue), I described how in 1996 I became aware of 3D laser scanning while the technology was in development. In March 1998, I left a senior product marketing position with Trimble to join the...

The Early Days of 3D Scanning, Part 6

1998: Launching 3D Laser Scanning into the Market I had the good fortune to be deeply involved with a pioneering vendor of 3D laser scanners and point cloud software. As I consider where that technology is today – a multi-billion dollar per year industry, the valuable benefits it has delivered to so many organizations and...

The Early Days of 3D Scanning, Part 5

Joining the 3D Laser Scanning Pioneering Start-up, Cyra Technologies Thus far in my “insider story” series (June, July, August, September), I have described how, while working for Trimble in 1996, I first became aware of the technology and Cyra Technologies, a pioneering start-up developing it. After a jaw-dropping demo, I dove into evaluating the technology and Cyra for a...