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Midwest Aerial Photography is growing to meet our customers’ needs. Celebrating 32 years in business this year, we are capable of deploying a highly-skilled airborne data collection crew equipped with industry leading digital acquisition technology to any location in the United States and much of Canada on short notice.

We take pride in our ability to capture high-quality airborne imagery and LiDAR data on tight schedules, even in complex airspace, with rapid turnaround. We do it right the first time, meeting the exacting standards of your most demanding photogrammetric mapping projects —at any size, scale or altitude.

The Midwest Aerial Photography headquarters in Central Ohio; our flight operation centers in Charlotte, NC, Daytona Beach, FL, Bay Area, CA and the Metro DC area, provide bases for an expert team with more than 100 years of experience capturing and processing precise aerial digital aerial imagery and LiDAR datasets. We now feature a fleet of 10 mapping aircraft, five Z/I imaging DMC II large-format digital-mapping cameras, two airborne Optech Galaxy Prime LiDAR scanners co-mounted with Phase One medium format digital cameras, and a new multicamera oblique imagery system. With the passion for accuracy and precision, we have become the “go to” aerial acquisition partner for private photogrammetric, survey, engineering, and energy firms, as well as government agencies at all levels.

As a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) with large business capabilities, and an unparalleled access to industry partners to assist in completing large, complex projects with tight time schedules, Midwest Aerial Photography understands that personal service, reliability, and quality matter. For your next aerial acquisition mapping project, give (MAP) Midwest Aerial Photography a call!

Ken Scruggs, Midwest Aerial Photography

7535 W. Broad StreetGalloway, OH 431191-614-853-2902



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