Woolpert Blends Methodology with Technology

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What began as a four-person engineering and survey company in Ohio in 1911 has steadily evolved to become a full-service architecture, engineering, geospatial (AEG), and strategic consulting firm, with more than 1,600 staff and 60 offices on four continents. 

This fusion of AEG data breeds innovative products and solutions that address complex challenges worldwide, providing unparalleled benefits for local, state, and federal clients. Examples of this dynamic integration are many. High-resolution imagery and lidar data that Woolpert collects to map impervious surfaces for stormwater management aligns with a city’s water resource needs. Aeronautical obstruction surveys conducted for airport layout plans supports creative airspace design solutions. Bathymetric lidar collected to map underwater terrain for environmental monitoring and research is utilized by strategic consultants to help shape international standards.  

A longtime partner with industry giants like Esri, Google, Planet, and Trimble, Woolpert has strategically acquired nine forward-thinking companies since January 2019. These include international mapping and surveying experts AAM and Southern Mapping; lidar and imagery specialists Optimal GEO; airborne and vessel-based hydrography and bathymetry leaders Geomatics Data Solutions and eTrac, respectively; and data visualization specialists Data Cloud Solutions. 

Amid this growth, Woolpert continues to develop and support its global staff. It has been recognized as a Great Place to Work for six straight years and actively fosters a culture of inclusion, diversity, and respect.

Contact Woolpert Senior Marketing Manager and Associate Kim Hansen at 704-526-3072 or kim.hansen@woolpert.com. For more information, visit Woolpert.com.

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