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Terms and Uses

Below is an infographic of location technology: end-use sectors, example activities, types of technology typically employed, and respective precision ranges.

To help make sense of this complexity, we have developed several categories of location technology. None truly stands alone (as all employ at least some complementary technologies), but we have noted what prevalent technology, or combinations of one or more technologies, is applied for common tasks.

Location Tech Info Tidbits   

  • Direct value of GNSS for U.S.: $100B+ annually / Indirect: multiples of $100B
  •  MEMS (inertial and other microelectromechanical) in mobile devices: $5B market globally
  • 3.6B devices with GNSS capabilities in use globally in 2014
  • Current top three segments for direct GNSS benefits: transportation, agriculture, surveying
  • Rising segments for direct GNSS benefits: construction automation and consumer
  • Non-commercial uses are 60% of location tech & GNSS equipment sales
  • Global GNSS equipment market: $10B in 2015
  • 74% of mobile phone users say they use map- and location-based features
  • 2014 global location-based services revenue estimated at $8.1B
  • Location tech benefits to commercial surface transportation estimated at $10.3B annually

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