Emily Tidey

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Lecturer, Hydrographic Surveying, Otago University

Dunedin, New Zealand

We received a record number of nominations for geospatial professionals in New Zealand this year—and all were women! While difficult to choose from among the candidates, Emily Tidey stands out as an educator and specialist in the essential (but often overlooked) surveying discipline of hydrographic survey. Maritime matters are fundamental to the nation of New Zealand for trade, resource management, and the environment, so it is no surprise that the country would grow internationally renowned expertise. Tidey’s classes cover not only the technology, methods, and practices of hydrographic surveying but also related matters such as maritime law. Some of her students travel from other countries to attend her courses.

Beginning her career in outdoor education for youth, Tidey then earned a Bachelor of Surveying (with honors) as Otago University while working as a student surveyor, education assistant, and tutor. She then took a posting with Fugro as an offshore hydrographic surveyor before returning to academia for further studies in hydrography at the University of Plymouth in the UK. For the past five years, Tidey has been lecturing at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Tidey is a strong advocate for outreach to youth and the general public, as she recognizes that most people do not understand what hydrographic surveyors, and surveyors in general, do. When surveyors talk to young people about careers in surveying, they often forget to mention hydrographic and marine surveying—there are a lot of adventure and opportunities there.

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