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Nattaporn Thoonsaengngam

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Research Assistant & Geodesist, National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand Chiang Mai Province, Thailand “I wonder, because it is a wonder,” says Nattaporn Thoonsaengngam, a talented researcher, published geodesist, and professional photographer. The worlds of astronomy, geodesy, radio astronomy, humanity, and natural and built environments are all captured by her mind’s eye, photographer’s lens, and […]

xyHt Magazine Outlook 2019 Issue

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Click on the cover below to view the Outlook 2019 issue of xyHt magazine. Articles in the issue include (links will turn live throughout January and February): Coaching Robots – Continuous surveying (to support smart cities, infrastructure, geodesign, and construction) is opening expanded—but unconventional—roles for surveyors and geospatial practitioners. Gabriela Olekszyk – Surveyor & GIS Analyst, Woods Auckland, […]

Tharcille Dukuzemariya

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Assistant Lecturer, INES-Rhuhengeri Rhuhengeri, Rwanda Tharcille Dukuzemariya earned her bachelor’s in land surveying at the Institute of Applied Sciences, the University in Rhuhengeri, Rwanda, then her master’s at the Université de Liège in Belgium. She is now an assistant lecturer at her alma mater in Rhuhengeri. Dukuzemariya has co-authored an important paper from a study […]

Siotasia Malalo

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Graduate Surveyor, Ministry of Lands Survey & Natural Resources Nuku‘alofa, Tonga In April of 2018, Tonga’s Prime Minister launched the world’s first regional strategy for surveying and geospatial capacity development. A regional consortium of Pacific maritime countries and territories including Tonga, Samoa, Vanatu, and many more face common challenges in geodetic issues; surveying, mapping, land […]

Christopher F. Jordan, PLS

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Project Surveyor & UAS Pilot, McGill Associates, P.A. & Geomatics Adjunct Instructor, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College North Carolina, USA Chris Jordan is a pioneer in drone technology and has honed his skills over the past decade to catapult his company to being a leader in the surveying industry in his area. Jordan is licensed in […]

Bárbara Salgado Seguel

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Survey Engineer, Uasvision Ingeniería Chile Bárbara Salgado Seguel has executed and managed a variety of surveying and engineering projects in support of mining, commercial development, public works, and utilities. Her home country of Chile has undergone an unprecedented boom over the past several decades, but also several devastating natural disasters. The engineering and surveying communities […]