Shane Nafe

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Co-founder & President, MTX Surveying

Texas, USA

As the president and co-founder of MTX Surveying, Shane Nafe led the company from 2 employees to 18, with more growth expected this year. His business partner says that he has excelled faster than most professionals his age thanks to his outstanding technical abilities and leadership skills.

When he was 26, Nafe was promoted to survey operations manger at an engineering firm for all of their operations in Texas. Through his business development efforts and leadership, he expanded the department from one crew with one RPLS to twelve crews of three RPLS and multiple SITs.

Nafe was then hired by a client as a direct employee to manage their surveying and permitting operations for a 700-mile pipeline-gathering system. He led a team that oversaw up to six contract-surveying firms with 50 crews. He later managed projects from feasibility to close out; in addition to surveying and permitting, this included AFE preparation and construction oversight and vendor relations.

Nafe is a licensed surveyor in Texas and recently passed the exam in Louisiana. He is also a certified sUAS pilot.

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