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XR – A New Mix

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Mixed reality for infrastructure and geospatial takes a huge leap forward with the announcement of the HoloLens 2, SYNCHRO XR, and the XR10. This might sound a little cliché, but forget everything you knew about Microsoft’s HoloLens. The new model makes the first model seem like a toy (albeit a very cool toy). A not-so-surprising […]

Rent a Drone

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Professional drone pilot Mike Wunderlich and his freelance drone. UAVs, pilots, and startups in Germany are a perfect fit in the sharing economy. Today’s professional UAV pilots have found a niche in the construction and insurance industries for tasks that involve inspections, measurements, and image capture. At the same time, startup companies are taking advantage […]

Logic inside the Labyrinth of BIM

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An overview of a BIM solutions portfolio reveals the essential components for widespread implementation. Are you tired of hearing about BIM yet? Get used to it. The widespread adoption of BIM is quickly becoming an inevitability, with compelling drivers and essential tools already in place. In some economies, BIM has already been mandated for public […]