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Feature: Benjamin Banneker

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Benjamin Banneker is arguably the most prominent figure in Baltimore area land survey history, and this biography details some of its highlights. By Eddie Glawe Early Life This dramatic story begins with Molly Welsh (may have been Walsh), Benjamin’s grandmother, a young servant or milk maid in England. As she was doing her work, a […]

Feature: Survey <---> GIS

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Finally you can work with survey data in a GIS environment and preserve its integrity and precision; check out the Carlson SurvPC Esri OEM. By Bruce Carlson and Gavin Schrock, PLS With apologies to Kipling: “GIS is GIS and surveying is surveying, and never the twain shall meet.” This is not really true … The […]

Publisher’s Desk: Evolution to xyHt

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This entry is part 3 of 8 in the series June 2014

by Neil Sandler The decision to change an established three-decade-old brand into something new is one of the most difficult of my 40+ year working career. While I introduced the idea to my inner circle almost four years ago, ironically I was the final person who needed convincing it was the right thing to do. […]

Rules of the Game: Reading and Writing Legal Descriptions: A Survey and GIS Joint Perspective

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By F. Peirce Eichelberger and J. Peter Borbas We developed a one-day GIS/survey workshop in 2013-2014 (a new URISA/GLIS workshop), and from that a half dozen topics arose of particular interest to both surveyors and GIS professionals[1]. One issue near the top was legal descriptions. With both surveyors and GIS/mapping staff intimately involved with legal […]

Feature: Scanning Speaks Volumes

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Laser scanning technology steers an experienced Indiana surveyor to new directions. by Larry Trojak With decades of survey experience under his belt, Barry Hennessy is no stranger to—nor is he resistant to—change. He has seen the industry, the technology that supports it, and his business evolve over time. So when presented with the opportunity to […]

Aerial Perspective: How NOT to Procure Professional Geospatial Services

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By Mike Tully Editor’s Note: This advice is directed at companies writing RFPs for your services; its language is humorous, but the tips are serious and worth sharing with your prospective clients in your own manner. I love Amazon.com. Knocking off my shopping list by finding the cheapest price for all is glorious. Reading real […]