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40 Under 40, 2017: Nimas Hayu Merlina Anggarini



OR HER BS THESIS in geodetic engineering at Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia, Nimas Hayu Merlina Anggarini researched the “Rate of Displacement and Strain Computation of Sumatran GPS Array (SuGAr) Station from 2011 to 2013.” Such an auspicious start to her career was followed by a series of postings of increasing responsibility in the fields of land surveying, geodesy, GNSS, and remote sensing and as a university assistant lecturer teaching about databases.

Large geospatial solutions providers such as Leica and Hexagon know that the stakes are high for their clients, and technical support requests need to be answered not only rapidly, but by bright and capable support specialists. Nimas was recruited by Leica Geosystems in Jakarta, providing support for surveying equipment and geospatial software, then transferred to Leica’s sister company Hexagon Geospatial, providing technical assistance in support of business development activities in services’ project work in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region. The future looks particularly bright for Nimas and for other talented young professionals who bring a solid foundation in geomatics education to the new dynamics of our increasingly geospatially-enabled world.

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