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40 Under 40, 2017: Shaun Piepkorn



SHAUN PIEPKORN IS A REGISTERED PROFESSIONAL LAND SURVEYOR in Texas and is the Dallas area survey manager for Gorrondona & Associates, Inc., where he manages operations that include land surveying, lidar, aerial photogrammetry, GIS, geotechnical engineering, and construction-materials testing. With a diverse background in land surveying and GIS, along with a company that stays ahead of the curve in technology, Shaun combines his company’s services to best fit the client’s needs, budgets, and schedules. For example, a recent large-scale transportation project involved the combination of traditional surveying methods for control, helicopter lidar for design-grade topographic mapping, mobile lidar and terrestrial scanning to map and model bridge structures, and aerial mapping to provide orthoimages of the project.

Shaun is an active member of the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors (TSPS). He serves as the Dallas chapter president and was named the 2016 TSPS young land surveyor of the year. Shaun is also a member of the public relations committee. In 2015, the society was awarded first place nationally for their recruitment campaign submis- sion to the NSPS.

At the state level of TSPS, Shaun is the SkillsUSA chair. SkillsUSA promotes career and technical education for high-school students throughout the U.S., and TSPS directs the land surveying competitions. Land surveying is one of the largest competitions, and many students who have completed the curriculum have received college scholarships, have passed the Level I Certified Surveying Technician exam, and have had no problems finding employment in the profession. Shaun volunteers to teach land surveying at three high schools in the Dallas area. For the past two years, his teams have swept first, second, and third places at the SkillsUSA state competition.

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