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40 Under 40, 2017: Alok Srivastava



NOTING HIS BROAD EXPERTISE and ability to master so many subjects, Alok Srivastava’s colleagues joke that, “this guy must be 100 years old.”

After completing his B. Tech (civil) at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay (Mumbai) in 2005, Alok moved to Ohio to earn his MS in GIS/mapping at Ohio State University—which has earned global recognition as a hub of geomatics sciences and is prime recruiting ground for manufacturers and developers.

Alok soon joined Topcon Positioning Systems as a software engineer in their GIS group. Rising steadily in the ranks of Topcon, he focused on GNSS product development as Topcon was entering a period of ambitious and, in many ways, groundbreaking development in this area.

Alok is known for being able to rapidly evaluate development ideas, identify practical challenges to potential roadblocks, and then successfully plow full-speed ahead. He has figured prominently in many of the most significant developments in Topcon GNSS and related products in recent years.

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