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Alex Lopez-Rogina

23 Young Geospatial Professionals to Watch in 2023 – 22 of 23 Name: Alex Lopez-RoginaCompany: Avineon, Inc.Current position: GIS Project ManagerAge: 32                Education: BS in Civil Engineering, University of Alabama-Huntsville; GIS Certificate, University of North Alabama Lopez-Rogina started her professional career as a civil engineer for a water utility in northern Alabama. When the company...

Surveying, Drones, and Danger

Experts say drones carry the promise of keeping the electrical grid safe amid increasingly intense storms The greater number and intensity of severe storms in the United States has communities rethinking their infrastructure. They’re making streets and parking lots permeable to absorb excess rainfall and rebuilding natural watershed features that help prevent floods.  With the...

Teaching the Future

A small university on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is educating the next generation of surveyors and geospatial engineers


Real Surveying?

How often do you ask yourself, “What is land surveying?” Is land surveying a narrow field of specific expertise or a wide expanse of overlapping skills joined together in a common cause? Is a surveying license the only way to demonstrate competency, or can one have skills that lie outside the commonly tested criteria? More...