Alex Lopez-Rogina

23 Young Geospatial Professionals to Watch in 2023 – 22 of 23

Name: Alex Lopez-Rogina
Company: Avineon, Inc.
Current position: GIS Project Manager
Age: 32               

Education: BS in Civil Engineering, University of Alabama-Huntsville; GIS Certificate, University of North Alabama

Lopez-Rogina started her professional career as a civil engineer for a water utility in northern Alabama. When the company decided it needed a GIS of their water and sanitary sewer systems, she was eager to take on the challenge. With minimal exposure to geospatial technology, she dove into learning and building until she eventually transitioned into the GIS coordinator role. 

Working alongside a senior field crew leader, the system was brought to life in a thorough GIS that became a critical tool for the utility. After more than seven years of building and maintaining the system, Lopez-Rogina decided it was time for her next adventure. She joined Avineon during the summer of 2021 as a GIS project manager and is enjoying growing within the geospatial profession. 

At the state level she served as the GIS Association of Alabama’s vice president, president, and past president. On an international level she has served on the URISA Vanguard Cabinet, as the URISA Marketing Committee chair, and is currently the URISA Conference Committee chair for the annual GIS-Pro conference. 

Outside of her job she has a passion for volunteering. Locally she participates in the Annual Madison County Drinking Water Festival, UAH’s Girls Science & Engineering Day, Arts Huntsville’s Panoply Arts Festival, and other events. In her free time she enjoys riding her mountain bike, playing Dungeons & Dragons, acting with local theatre groups, co-leading her local chapter of Silent Book Club, and playing video games with her husband.

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