Andrea Halter

Co-founder and Head of Marketing and Sales at SenseFlyAndrea Halter

The meteoric rise of senseFly in the international UAS market was no accident; as the person in charge of senseFly’s commercial activities, Andrea Halter oversees the company’s marketing and sales teams. Born in Germany, she’s a qualified land surveyor and holds a degree in geodesy engineering from Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and has studied engineering at Lycée Dorian, Paris.

Andrea has several years of international product management experience, having worked at Vectronix (a Swiss manufacturer of observation, orientation, and distance-measurement devices) as a customer support engineer, application engineer, and program manager. She then headed to RUAG Aerospace, where she held the position of sales and program manager.

As one of the most recognized UAS subject-matter experts, Andrea has published articles and blogs, taken part in speaking engagements, and even appeared in mainstream media.

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