Lisa Chen

Lisa Chen

Lisa ChenSurveying Solution Manager, Pix4D Switzerland

Lisa Chen brings a unique set of skills, experience, and education to the booming fields of UAS-based and close-range terrestrial photogrammetry. One of the key markets for precise photogrammetry is surveying. And how fortuitous to have a surveying and geomatics engineer involved who also has experience in systems and software development, GNSS and IMUs, and related scientific research.

Another of Lisa’s roles at Pix4D, and one for which she garnered multiple nominations, is as technical communication manager. Realizing the magic of these solutions and processes requires clear communications, training materials, and manuals suitable for a broad end-user constituency. If “geek translating” is an art, Lisa is a master. With a master’s in geodetic science from the internationally acclaimed program at Ohio State University, Lisa was a research assistant at the Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research in Taiwan and a development lead with Geoforce before joining Pix4D in 2014.

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