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Sometimes It’s Just Best to Walk Away

Surveyors are usually a tough bunch and don’t normally retreat from difficulties. When there are thorns, thistles, and briars on line, they usually reach for the machete and carve a path through.

Taking Flight

As drones begin to fill our airspace, Switzerland is figuring out how the skies will remain friendly

These Boots Were Made for Walking …

It sure seems like there is a lot of talk about feet these days. United States Survey Feet, International Feet, and 6 feet, but nobody is talking about the most important feet. As surveyors, we like to talk about our equipment and tools. Whether it be the old school steel tapes and top mount EDMs...

Farmer Accidentally Changes France-Belgium Border

Usually one country moving into another country’s territory is a huge geopolitical deal, often followed by military action. But when a Belgium farmer accidentally moved his country’s border into French territory, everyone just had a good laugh about it. The farmer was apparently annoyed by the boundary stone as he plowed his field, so he...

Remote Monitoring

Keeping tabs on assets with wireless monitors is not just for those dirty, dangerous or distant jobs