Nick Zeeben

Nick ZeebenProduct Manager at Autodesk

Legacy incremental models for software development have not always served the changing needs of the customers. “Scrum” teams, working in close collaboration, are a new, agile development model that recognizes that customer needs can change during the course of legacy development cycles.  Nick Zeeben is a product manager for Autodesk, leading teams in Civil 3D development and, more recently, for Infraworks.

Nick studied at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and has worked his way up from a drafter to developer of productivity tools for Civil 3D, before joining Autodesk in 2006 as a QA analyst. Colleagues praise Nick’s ability to align customer-identified needs with strategic development goals. If you’re an end user, it’s got to be reassuring to hear that, even within software giants the size of Autodesk, you’ve got talented and passionate folks looking out for your interests.

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