Brooke Hatcher

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24 Young Geospatial Professionals to Watch in 2024

New Light Technologies
Current position: Senior geospatial engineer
Age: 31
Education: Masters GeospatiaI Information Science and Technology

As a senior geospatial analyst with New Light Technologies, Brooke leads research and development of geospatial solutions for the homeland security and disaster response communities.

Since 2018, she has supported FEMA applying advanced analytical methods to develop maps, models, data services, and web-based applications to support a range of missions vital to the safety and health of vulnerable populations across the nation. Hatcher has been instrumental in developing AI/ML tools to assess remotely sensed imagery to detect natural hazards and assess and predict impacts to communities.

This work has involved development of novel models to identify and prioritize risk and isolated communities used to guide response operations for the Office of Response and Recovery.

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