Nejc Dougan

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24 Young Geospatial Professionals to Watch in 2024

Company: Flai
Current position: Founder and CTO
Age: 33
Education: BS, and MS in geodesy and geomatics, PhD student, University of Ljubljana

Nejc Dougan stands at the forefront of the evolving geospatial landscape, merging the precision of geodesy with cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence. An alumnus of the University of Ljubljana with a masters, he has charted a path as the CTO of Flai, a company he founded to revolutionize geospatial processing with the use of AI.

At Flai, Dougan harnesses his extensive experience in software engineering to lead innovations in the application of AI, particularly in the automation of lidar point cloud classifications. His pioneering work doesn’t stop at industry applications. He is currently expanding his expertise through PhD research at the University’s Faculty of Computer and Information Science. There, his research delves into the potential of deep learning convolutional neural networks to transform aerial laser scanning point clouds, underscoring his dual commitment to academic excellence and industry leadership.

His vision is not just to advance the field technically but to forge pathways that blend the rigors of scientific inquiry with the demands of a rapidly changing technological domain.

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