Michelle Japitana

Instructor and Concurrent Chairman, Engineering Sciences Department, Carga State University, Philippines

Testimonials for Michelle Japitana were remarkable. (This year we received a record number of nominations from the Philippines, and we wish we could honor all the fine candidates.) Michelle’s nominators noted that her strength in the geospatial community is her research capabilities in the fields of GIS, remote sensing, hydrology, environmental monitoring, and engineering.

As an associate professor, geodetic engineer, remote-sensing expert, and PhD student in engineering, Michelle is able to help, not just Butuan City where she lives, but the whole of Mindanao as well by being involved in research projects that use technologies to support agricultural, coastal, environmental, and natural resources management, disaster reduction and risk management, and land administration. She serves as an inspiration especially to young women entering geospatial fields as a geospatial professional contributing to continued growth and economic development of the Philippines. Michelle earned her BS in geodetic engineering from Carga State University and master’s in remote sensing from the University of the Philippines.

This profile is one of 40 in xyHt’s 2018 Outlook issue.  Click on the image below to read more. 

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