Johannes Riegl Jr.

Johannes Riegl Jr. – Chief Marketing Officer, Riegl Measurement Systems – Austria

Johannes Riegl JrThe expectations would be quite high: the name, Riegl, is among the most celebrated lineages of measurement systems in the world—terrestrial, mobile, and airborne lidar. Could a young fellow in such a critical role grow the business and raise the profile to do justice to such a recognizable brand? Johannes Riegl certainly has.

After earning of a degree in business management from the University of Applied Sciences in Austria, Johannes worked in a telecommunications company before joining Riegl in 2009. The brand has seen an expansion into broader markets, including Asia and the developing world; has added new products lines; and has hosted, promoted, sponsored, and become a major fixture at geospatial conferences around the world. Johannes’ initiative, energy, and innovative promotion approaches have had a tremendous impact.

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