xyHt Digital Magazine: February 2023

xyHt’s February issue takes a look at what might be in store for geospatial professionals in the coming year. With an uncertain economy, where are the opportunities for industry professionals.

As always, if you don’t have a subscription to our print edition, or if someone else in the office has snaffled your copy, don’t fret, here is the digital edition. Click here or on the cover to the right, to view the October 2022 issue of xyHt magazine; or better yet, click here to have us send you a free copy of the print issue.

Here are some highlights:

What Will 2023 Bring for the GeospatialProfessional? We have endured the media drumbeat of a recession in 2023 along with a bear-ish housing market for months now. Economic forecasts are always iffy at best, but if these things happen, there is still opportunity for geospatial professionals.

Lidar Technologies Are on the Move Technologies developed for autonomy and consumer applications are opening up new user segments and rewriting conventional workflows.

Underground Safety Utility line strikes during construction account for billions of dollars in damages. Such events may not be totally avoidable, but a company called ProStar is working to make them far less frequent.

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