xyHt Magazine November 2019 Issue

Click on the cover below to view the November 2019 issue of xyHt magazine. Articles in the issue include (links will turn live throughout November):

  • First Look at a New Scanner – With the Trimble X7, there’s no going back (for calibration). 
  • AEC Plus GIS –  The Autodesk-Esri collaboration continues to lead the way in AEC+GIS with the announcement of significant, direct—and lateral—developments.
  • A Dam Good Mix – Combining UAVs and 3D computer vision can make infrastructure inspections cost-effective.
  • Mentoring in the Age of Automation – As old-timers retire and fewer young people enter surveying, we are at a turning point where mentoring is crucial to the future of the profession, but we will need to adapt to mentor well. 
  • First Women Surveyors Summit – At this unique three-day meeting, 65 surveyors were empowered by our growing numbers, our stories of resilience, and our group determination to work in a profession we love. 
  • Walkaround Mobile Scanning Part 2 – Applications and addressing challenges
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