xyHt Digital Magazine: March 2022

Like a good surveyor, xyHt‘s March issue covers a lot of ground, bringing you stories about surveying, mapping, UAVs and, this month’s special, a look at how drones are becoming indispensable on construction sites.

As always, if you don’t have a subscription to our print edition, or if someone else in the office has snaffled your copy, don’t fret, here is the digital edition. Click here or on the cover to the right, to view the March 2022 issue of xyHt magazine; or better yet, click here to have us send you a free copy of the print issue.

Here are some highlights:

• Drones on the Job Site:  UAV technologies are changing the construction industry—and changing the construction industry isn’t something that’s been done very often in the last century.

• From Texas to the World: The Lone Star State is the country’s largest producer of natural gas and liquifying it for distribution around the world. Now, a massive $10 billion construction project may change the future of energy.

• Mapping Social Divides: Can GIS mapping and spacial analysis further the interests of under-resourced communities?

• Citizen Geodist: Phil Melcher has submitted GPS on Bench Mark observations on 650 Bench Marks throughout California.

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